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Unlike a lot of our competition we believe in being fair. We generally don't recommend fixed price lump sum contracts since one way or another it's not going to be fair to one of the parties involved. For example would it be fair to you if we have charge you enough to account for all the worst case scenarios on your job when your job doesn't necessarily have drain-bridging, flood plains, overland flow paths, iwi consultation, acoustic reports due to flight path restrictions, heritage overlays, asbestos contamination, or illegal works just to name a few? We don't think so.

We also don't think it's necessarily fair to arbitrarily charge a percentage of the value of works. We do use the value of works as a rough indicator of required man-hours sometimes but generally it's more complicated than that. You can get very tricky low value jobs and our fees need to be a higher proportion of the build cost to simply get it through council. Likewise you can get very simple high-value jobs.

So what do we do you may ask? We have a finely tuned system to generate a custom proposal of fees based on the elements of your job and the complexity of each element. Our fee proposal effectively becomes a cost cap for the scope of works listed. Should the scope change for any reason such as client revisions, finding out you need iwi consultation for you project, or what have you, then we will require additional time to complete your job. Sound fair? We hope so. Our proposal of fees generally has the following stages:

  • Existing Conditions
  • Concept Design
  • Developed Design / Resource Consent
  • Detailed Design / Pricing
  • Building Consent Documentation
  • Construction Issue

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