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CADViz Ltd is an Auckland based architectural design practice with over 25 years of experience in the industry.  During that time CADViz Ltd has taken thousands of projects from concept to construction. 

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Whether you have a clear vision of what you want or you have only basic parameters we can take you through this initial stage of the process quickly and efficiently using the latest Building Information Modelling software.  First we establish the scope of works and any relevant existing conditions which can include an existing house if the project is an alteration, or just the features of the site and surroundings if it's a new build.  Floor layouts are optimised for your needs and the exterior is tuned to suit your style.  Our advanced 3D rendering software allows us to quickly show you photorealistic impressions of your finished project and make valuable decisions at an early stage.

Resource Consent

A large portion of projects require resource / land use consent in the Auckland region based on the Resource Management Act, the Auckland Unitary Plan, and various legacy overlays.  We are very experienced in navigating this minefield and have a solid network of associated consultants to draw on when required such as Planning Consultants, Traffic Engineers, Acoustic Consultants, Civil and Geotech Engineers, and Land Surveyors.  

Building Consent

The majority of building projects require Building Consent, under the NZ Building Act.  We have taken thousands of projects through this process in the most efficient way possible.  Our team includes skilled licensed building practitioners with experience in solving all the problems the construction industry has to offer.  We also work closely with all the necessary consultants of this stage as required, including Structural Engineers, Fire Engineers, Facade Engineers, Interior Designers, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors, and Building Surveyors.   We handle all matters in regards to lodging the consent and any queries from council all the way through to receiving the approved building consent.


Once consent is obtained we are still here to assist.  Quite often minor variations or amendments are requested during the construction process and we prioritise these to keep your project moving.  You may also require additional information over and above what Council required for consent.  We can provide any level of detail for any element you need.  We also encourage meetings with the builders to ensure any tricky detailing is understood to avoid problems during construction.

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